Corona Pandemic

Due to the current situation caused by the corona pandemic, StudyLab will operate differently than usual. This guide introduces this new format and guides you through the necessary setup.

StudyLab uses a weekly schedule as the base for its activities. As usual, TAs are available for each programme and semester as specified on the respective LearnIT pages as well as on this website (link). Due to the current restrictions on physical activities, StudyLab will use Microsoft Teams as a virtual platform for requesting help. It is still possible to meet physically with the TAs in the StudyLab room (3A50) but only when given permission by a TA. The standard procedure for requesting help is to write a message on Microsoft Teams.

Setup guide

The following is a quick-start guide for setting up Microsoft Teams and joining the correct team for your programme and semester.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Teams download page and follow the typical installation procedure for your system.
  2. After installation, open Teams and log in using your usual ITU credentials. Important: You do not need to create a new user.
  3. Use one of the links below to request access to your programme/semesters StudyLab team. We will check for new requests before every StudyLab session.
Teams Links
Software Development - 1. semester
Software Development - 3. semester
Data Science - 1. semester
Data Science - 3. semester
Global Business Informatics - 1. semester
Digital Design and Interactive Technologies - 1. semester

Using Teams for StudyLab

Use the “Remote StudyLab” channel in your team to request help during the live sessions. The channel page contains detailed instructions for how to request help.

The GBI Teams channel